Cell Factory is a combination of “bene”, signifying the beginning of the world and birth, and “stem”, which stands for stem cell. BENESTEM signifies the use of stem cells to give “new birth” to ones old skin.




  1. Maximizes effectiveness to deliver active ingredients (USC1994-CM aka Human CBCM) by applying liquid crystal technology
  2. Enhances skin barrier with high-enriched ceramide
  3. Calms skin and anti-inflammation damaged skin by irritation
  4. Keeps hydrating for 100 hours after application-
    Well-padded and creamy texture
  5. Patented and licensed for functional cosmetics in KFDA (Korean Foodand Drug Administration), USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration).

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Cell Factory Cica Cell Cleansing Pack

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Cell Factory Power Aqua and Power Glow Starter Set