It is a special line designed for acne & sensitive skin. ACSEN line provides personalized skin care routine from facial cleanser to UV Protector those with darker skin.

Centella Asiatica
The main ingredient of ACSEN, which has an excellent effect on healing and recovery of wounds. It is effective in regenerating minimizing acne scars, and strengthening the skin barrier of sensitive skin.

SeleMix ANTM
New concept ingredients for acne and sensitive skin extracted from germinated beans and magnolia kobus bark extract The ingredients of selenium extracted from germinated soybeans repair and protect the skin barrier, and magnolol and honokiol ingredients, which are magnolia bark extracts, help to relieve inflammation caused by P.acne and inhibit the growth of P.acne.


  1. Cruelty Free and Vegan
  2. No additional fragrances added
  3. Winner of best vegan brand, People’s Choice Award (2018), and “Best of K Beauty” award on SokoGlam (No. 1 K beauty site in America).

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Acsen Oil Cut Cleansing Gel

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