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The obsession with Korean skin care has been increased globally due to the concept of Korean’s use of
harsh-free ingredients in their products. They religiously follow their double cleansing skin routine which
has also gained the attention from the different parts of the world. They literally give people some
beauty goals. Their no make-up make-up look has flourished amongst the youth.
One of the major attraction if any of the Korean products has got, is ‘sheet masks’. These are good for
pampering and hydrating the skin.
Korean customers emphasize on getting to the root of the skin problems & their prime concern is about
the prevention. They focus on the foundation of the basics. K-beauty is all about using natural
components. When we talk about natural/organic ingredients, people tend to think that no chemicals
have been used in the products as chemicals are said to be harmful but it is an absolute misconception.
The truth is ‘not all chemicals are bad & not all natural ingredients are good’. Korean skin care routine
and products are designed to give long-term results, try to give you the best of both the worlds but also
at the same time give you solutions to your skin problems.
The main motive of Korean skin care products is to prevent the skin before it gets worse. As we all have
heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”, is the major factor they keep in mind. One should
always look at the ingredients before using any product. Educate yourself about the benefits of the
particular ingredient is going to provide to the skin, what are its function?

Key Component In Korean Skin Care Products

Hanbang is the authentic korean medicine that has wide range of herbal remedies. It has properties that
can treat overall health problems or some sort of sickness.

Hanbang Vs Ayurveda

Hanbang skin care products includes herbal ingredients such as sacred lotus, ginseng root, etc that provides great benefits to skin. It has anti-inflammatory and skin hydrating effects. The benefits of hanbang skincare totally depend upon the phytochemicals components included in each product. The efficacy of all the skin care products is also majorly dependent uopn the skin types, sensitivity, etc.

In India, Ayurveda is considered as the traditional medicine. The ayurvedic products are composed, using original herbs but it also comprises of heavy metals like lead, tin, copper, etc. whereas Hanbang made up from plant extracts & herbs like licorice, ginger & honeysuckle.

Koreans ace the game when it comes to beauty and skin care. Since a very young age, they have been taught about the significance of skin care. Korean skin care routine has become so global because of the effectiveness of their products. The products are being prepared keeping in mind all the skin types &  problems faced by the people due to oily, dry, acne-prone skin. Korean beauty & skin care products are considered best due to the wonders it does to the skin.

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